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1 almighty musical story spanning 4 seasons,

told through 16 chapters across 40 minutes of aural wonder


Free Download (email required)

You choose how the tale is told!

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Our Story

2020 was a bit of a curved ball that none of us could ever imagine was heading our way. Some coped, some didn't. Luckily for us, we always had our music to escape to when the harsh realities of daily life were getting difficult to navigate. So not to waste the opportunity of being stuck indoors for weeks and months on end, we spent most of the year writing and recording our 5th album, 'Elementales'.

As the year was going to be like no other, the album was approached with a very different attitude. Our first big change was 'no songs', just music that created moods, dynamics and took you on (yes we're going to say it) 'journey'. Secondly, Jason simply wrote loads of music as if this was going to be a complete instrumental landscape and then handed over to Leiza to write a story to see what lyrics would percolate.


Very quickly we seemed to be producing our first 'concept' album with a theme of comparing one's life to the transition of the seasons becoming the focus for Leiza's lyrics. Our third change to the process was to incorporate supporting singers to add more depth to the vocals and Leiza even suggested working with a rap artist! Then as a final layer, inspired by the likes of Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds and Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, we searched high and low for a narrator to play the part of 'Mother Nature'. A special thanks therefore goes to Josie Ayers, Onkia Venus, Lisa Harms and Alex 'Catraz' Lucas for sharing their talent.

Josie-Profile BW.jpg

Josie Ayers

'Mother Nature' Narrator

Onika-PR Shot.jpg

Onika Venus

Supporting Vocalist



Supporting Vocalist

Alex 'Catraz' Lucas
Rap on
'When The World
Is Upside Down'

Winter Promo MASTER

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