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'Wednesday Afternoon' - Album

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'Wednesday Afternoon' - Video Single

What's New in 2022?

It's been nearly a year since the release of our fifth album, 'Elementales', and we 're not a duo to take too much of a break. What direction could we possibly take to build on such a great experience we pondered? Over the many years writing together we had also dabbled in other musical projects that weren't necessarily going to end up as ALPAZ albums.  We've been asked to write for charities, for corporates, even been commissioned to write tracks for a musical or two!

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We've written the odd track just for the hell of it and then didn't do anything with it. In honour of these previously unreleased gems it then hit us to simply celebrate how they all came to life, which in each case was on a Wednesday Afternoon. That most sacred of days in both our weeks where we stop being Chiropracters and Branding consultants and get together to write our songs.

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